Hanoi Mania - iPhone Game

Hanoi Mania - iPhone Game

Latest Update:

• Retina Display for iPhone 4
• OpenFeint integration.
• The full version of Hanoi Mania is iPad compatible.
- You can save your high scores and compete with friends online.
- Share your scores with Facebook and Twitter.
- You can unlock achievements and receive OpenFeint points.

We’ve added a twist to the original Towers of Hanoi game! Not only do you have the usual disks going from big to small, we’ve now introduced another 2 difficulties. In the Medium level you will move animals, they are all the same size and you will need to work out which are bigger in real life, the Hard level is based on math equations to make it even more difficult.

The majority of the Towers of Hanoi iPhone games in the Apple Store have a max of 10 levels, Hanoi Mania on the other hand has 12.

HOW TO PLAY The goal is to move all the discs from the left tower to the one on the far right. Only one disc may be moved at a time. A disc can be placed either on an empty tower or on top of a larger disc. Try to move all the discs using the smallest number of moves possible and the shortest amount of time.

DIFFICULTIES There are 3 difficulties, Easy, Medium , Hard and 12 levels on each. Once you've completed 6 levels from each difficulty you unlock the next difficulty.

RANKINGS For each level you complete your moves and times taken are stored in your iPhone and can be accessed by clicking the Rankings button in the main menu.


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Technologies Used

  • - Objective-C
  • - Quartz 2D
  • - Plists to Store Rankings


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In the Pipeline

We are currently working on new features for tweetET.

  • - Add new cars
  • - Add new location
  • - Customize Twitter Messages

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