DrawNFold iPhone App

DrawNFold iPhone App

DrawNFold is a social iPhone App drawing game where players take in turn to draw sections of an image, each section is shown one at a time so a player can only see their own section. The fun is when the sections are unfolded and the completed image can be seen.

There are a wide variety of different papers and drawing implements available.

Users can save all of their drawings to their iPhone and can upload to different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and also to DrawNFold (with an account).

With an online gallery users can see the most recently uploaded/top rated drawings as well as rate other users' drawings that have been uploaded.

With DrawNFold you will never be bored again, whether on the train, in the pub, at a party or when you are on your own this iPhone App will keep you entertained for hours!!!


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Technologies Used

  • - Objective-C
  • - Core Data for offline storage
  • - Core Graphics
  • - ASIHTTPRequest
  • - PHP/MySQL for the users accounts online gallery



In the Pipeline

We are currently working on new features for tweetET.

  • - Add new cars
  • - Add new location
  • - Customize Twitter Messages

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