Flitwick Motorcycles

Flitwick Motorcycles are company that are very active in promoting their business and keeping in contact with their customers. This required a solution that allowed them to update their page content, news items and products for sale.

Our solution provided e-commerce integrating with Barclays EPDQ, an administration system to allow updates to news items, motorcycles and products for sale online and a CMS to allow updating of page content.

We also integrated a messageboard on the site that provides a forum of communication between Flitwick Motorcycles customers and also technical support.


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Technologies Used

  • - Asp.Net
  • - ASP Classic (legacy elements)
  • - CSS
  • - Javascript
  • - DHTML
  • - Adobe Flash


Flitwick Motorcycles



In the Pipeline

We are currently working on new features for tweetET.

  • - Add new cars
  • - Add new location
  • - Customize Twitter Messages

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